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How You Give Is How You Live
- Saves Lives
- Makes A Difference
- Creates Hope Happiness & Joy
- Brings Life Back
- Fulfills A Heart
- Makes People Magnets
- Makes "The Challenge" Real
- Creates Funding
- Drives The Mission
- Solves The Solution
Our "Solution" Together:
Advanced nutrition for millions of malnourished orphans and children around the world and right here in the U.S. where essential nutrition is simply not an available option. Malnutrition is considered to be a child’s most difficult challenge. According to UNICEF’s most recent statistics, every year five million children die from malnutrition. That’s one child every six seconds! Children become malnourished when they don’t receive the adequate nutrients their bodies need to maintain good health.
Our "Strategy" Together:
Children suffering from malnutrition need more natural, nutrient-dense foods to best support their nutritional needs. Recent advancements in hydroponically grown vegetables are an example of how modern science can provide new sources of standardized, plant-sourced nutrients that can meet this need. Doctors Without Borders and other relief-oriented organizations have called for the development of ready-to-use solutions like  Boost Nutrition, which we donate and distribute to children in need. So our strategy is to challenge everyone to see how many children we can nourish!

Helping To Spread The Word
Is the most important part you can play in our Challenge by blowing up the social media.
to all your friends, family, co-workers,club students, and your whole friends listswill feed and nourish hundreds of kids..
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How You Give Is How You Live!
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