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The Alumni are some of the most important supporters of our colleges, college programs, and scholarships. Here is another way our Alumni can help support our colleges and help us with social entrepreneurship and saving lives just by challenging other Alumni members with a text or post about our donate page.
How many can you nourish?

Our "Schools Challenge"... All schools and universities will challenge other competitive schools and universities to the "How You Give" Challenge for creating student social media support funding, student faculty and alumni funding, and be the "change agent" schools helping to save the lives of malnourished children here and abroad. Lets see which school or university will nourish the MOST children month after month. The top schools will be notified and posted here on our sites and social media for exposure and attention.  (See Flow Chart)

Our "Students Challenge"... all students take the challenge into their own hearts, souls, and minds to "push it forward" and challenge other students in their clubs, groups, sports teams like football against baseball or soccer against basketball, and soo which teams or organizations will nourish the most children in your schools.  (See Flow Chart)

Our "Faculties Challenge"... all faculty will be notified by the school admin that there is a "How You Give" fundraising challenge going on in the school and the school needs their support in challenging all other faculty members to donate,  "push it forward", and be part of the school "How You Give" movement for fundraising.  (See Flow Chart)

Our "Student Groups Challenge"... all groups take on this "How You Give" challenge by having the president of each student group text out the site and ask for donations on the How You "Give" tab and ask to see who wants to be a Social Entrepreneur, earning a legal income by saving the lives of malnourished children.  Groups will challenge other groups to see who will nourish the most children.  (See Flow Chart)

Our "Support Corporations Challenge"...  notification go out to all school supporting corporations and challenge them to challenge the other school supporting corporations to see how many resource donations they can raise corporately and how many children can they will nourish through their employees donating $14.99 per month each. All to help fund the school programs and nourish the malnourished here and abroad. (See Flow Chart)

Our "School Families Challenge"... is to have our students bring up the How You Give "School Families Challenge" and have discussions about other families in the community do they know and send the challenge out to them as social entrepreneur families who are helping support community families in need. (See Flow Chart)

Our "Church Community Challenge"... all the churches in the respective school districts are invited to support your schools by having their members Donate to the How You "Give" fundraiser showing their support and helping to nourish the "at risk" children in communities all over the country. (See Flow Chart)

Our "Ministry Challenge"... is for all ministries large and small to use How You "Give" as a fundraising mechanism to support your schools, students, programs, and tuitions programs. Here's the best chance to actually see how members in ministry can support missions right here at home. (See Flow Chart)

Our "City Leaders Challenge" ... is for all city leaders with connections to businesses and other organizations to help support your school How You Give movement through emails, text, social media, billboards, posters, flyers, and mailings which are done all the time. (See Flow Chart)

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